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Elizabeth Leeds

International Fitness Presenter and Licensed Physical Therapist

Elizabeth Leeds received her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 and her clinical doctorate in 2009 from Boston University. Elizabeth's passion in fitness and wellness coupled with her own journey with a neuro-autoimmune issue and motherhood has confirmed her belief in looking at the individual as a whole and honoring his/her musculoskeletal and environmental factors.

Elizabeth's treatment techniques fuses her background in manual therapy, functional biomechanics, mat and reformer pilates, personal training, and holistic life coaching. She recognizes the stress of life and inadequate nutrition can perpetuate and accelerate any underlying musculoskeletal issue. Her hope is to empower the individual with the education and realistic tools to manage the musculoskeletal issues, in order to enhance the client's confidence, hope and vitality.

Elizabeth's free time is spent teaching in the fitness industry for GRAVITY and educating on prenatal and postpartum issues, as well as, care for the pelvic floor.

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